Kunekunes for Sale

Reservations on the following pigs can be made by calling 406-599-9797.

We selectively offer you only the best of each litter as breeding stock.  The majority of our litters will provide our community with pastured, organically fed, heritage pork.




Black Valley Farm is offering:  "BEGIN YOUR HERD PRODUCTION PACKAGE"

Specifically selected for optimum production.   This breeding group has been assessed for:

Correct conformation, faster growth rate, larger bodies, larger litter size, adaptation to pasture production

Breeding trio & barrow:  $3750.00

Boar-Mahia Love/Aria Giana   DOB 11/08/14  Gilt:   Rebecca Gina/Mahia Love  DOB 10/25/14

Gilt:   Jenny/Mahia Love   DOB 08/ /14


Black Valley Farm is offering:  "PRODUCTION PAIR PACKAGE"

Selectively chosen for outstanding conformation and temperament.  

Breeding pair:  $2850.00

Boar:  Mahia Love/Rebecca Gina  DOB 10/25/14   Gilt:  Jenny/Tonganui   DOB  11/05/14

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Since the earlliest days of agriculture, countless individuals have dedicated themselves to the care and breeding of livestock.  These animals have filled a wide array of human needs for food, fiber, creative and spiritual expression, and companionship. Breed diversity existing within each species today is the legacy from our ancestors and reflects the multitiude of environments in which the animals have lived and the ways that they have been kept.  Taken together, the breeds represent their species' adaptability and utility, providing the genetic diversity the species needs to survive and prosper.
The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy