Kunekunes for Sale

Reservations on the following pigs can be made by calling 406-599-9797.

We proudly offer you the following selection from our elite herd of award-winning Kunekune Pigs that meet or exceed the Breed Standard displaying signature short & upturned snouts and sturdy bodies. 

Breeding and improving from fourteen bloodlines. 



DOB  05/07/14   Weaned by 07/01/14

Dame:   LIK Rebecca Gina 1,   Rebecca Gina/Tutaki, Caledonia

Sire:  USA Mahia Love 4, Mahia Love/Jenny, LASSITER/BEST OF SHOW, Eastern Annual Sanctioned Show and Sale, 2014

Breeding & Show quality boars and gilts: 

 Gilt,  AKPR #2002,   Ginger/black/cream,  Breeding/show






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Since the earlliest days of agriculture, countless individuals have dedicated themselves to the care and breeding of livestock.  These animals have filled a wide array of human needs for food, fiber, creative and spiritual expression, and companionship. Breed diversity existing within each species today is the legacy from our ancestors and reflects the multitiude of environments in which the animals have lived and the ways that they have been kept.  Taken together, the breeds represent their species' adaptability and utility, providing the genetic diversity the species needs to survive and prosper.
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