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Farrowing 101  an intensive learning experience.

For those seeking the confidence to farrow litters of piglets year round in an open air or pastured based setting—be it arch or barn—Black Valley has amassed over fourteen years of experience farrowing hundreds of litters and thousands of piglets. 

Bring your note pads, pencils and wellies as Black Valley takes you through the many facets of a fully functioning farrow to finish pasture based piggery. From successful breeding to pre and post farrowing care of both sow and litter….Interact with experienced sows rearing piglets, sows carrying litters, and novice gilts as this hands on tutorial imparts first hand knowledge accessible to the public in a workshop tailored specifically for farrowing and sow care. 

Join us:

Sunday, June 25th from 2:00-5:00pm 

At the piggery: 

9048 Black Valley Road 

Everett Pennsylvania 15537 

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