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To Begin….

Welcome to the Black Valley Blog

To all my positively persistent pig purchasers—thank you. Without your consistent motivation this blog may have waited until….heaven only knows!

I’ve been stalling for quite some time dreaming of a completely orderly, wonderfully curated, visually stimulating blog with regularly scheduled posts that would be the talk of the pig keeping community….. and realizing that I’ve a few too many irons in the fire to realistically accommodate such a pristine endeavor. And while I’m the sort that would rather not-at-all than put forth something only good-enough…. nothing ever comes of procrastinating. Therefore!

Let’s begin.

So many of you know me.

But just for the formality…..

My name’s Alana.

And I keep pigs.

A dozen years ago I was a mother of two very vibrant little boys without much of an identity.

In desperate need of finding myself outside of laundry piles and sinks of dishes….

I like to say pigs intervened.

Today I run a cottage farm….and internationally recognized piggery.

And will soon open a storefront in my own little slice of Main Street in Everett, PA…..

Life is multifaceted, sometimes complicated, certainly complex— at the end of every day it’s my herd that I rely on.

We’ve learned together all these years. And braved the storms of happenstance. Succeeded. Failed.

And tried again….

I’ve filled many niches over the years, explored ever so many paths but if you asked me for the theme of it all— it would be for the pleasure of the thing, the purpose, and the profit.

Those three.

And pork of course.

And therein lies the beginning of the Black Valley Blog. It shall be humble…but speak of purpose…..

In the hopes of enabling as many as I may to build a charming life of keeping pigs.

The profitable way.

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