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Valued by their Keepers for a kind and trustworthy nature as well as thriftiness on pasture.  As a heritage breed, they retain the valuable characteristics of breeds gone by such as:   climate adaptability, innate mothering instincts, resourceful foraging conversion, and a disinclination to roam. 


The Kunekune pig breed boasts a wide following in sustainable and low-impact agriculture.   With current trends focusing on cottage farming, grass fed, and open air husbandry, the Kunekune offers a viable option for those looking to turn a profit with flavorful pork on small acreage.   Breeders across the nation are successfully finishing their pigs with alternative feeding options such as forage, whey, spent grains, garden waste, windfall fruit, native nuts, and of course, pasture.   No other breed of swine grazes leaving pastures undisturbed with little to no rooting.  This attribute allows the Kunekune to be utilized in rotational grazing systems and their docile nature permits co-habitation with other breeds of livestock and even poultry. As a heritage breed, growing times are slower than commercial pigs but keepers have adapted their market by offering Kunekunes for pork at all ages from suckling pigs and whole roasters to finished hogs. 


Herd Sire


BVF Ru 33 "Our Boy"  


Date of Birth: February 7th, 2018

Sire: GMF Ru 14 "Cyrus" 

Dam: BVF Trish 2 "Bramble" 


Description and accolades: BVF Ru "Our Boy" has stood apart from the crowd since birth.  It's seldom that the choice to retain is made before four weeks of age but with this boar it was made within minutes of birth.  He has not disappointed! With the substance, strength of form, and similarity  of GMF Ru 14 Cyrus we are confident in having chosen this Boy to carry on the Ru legacy within our herd. 

Producing Sow


BVF Tapeka 1+ "Amity" 


Date of Birth: January 2nd, 2015

Sire: Supreme Champion USA Mahia Love 4 "Lassiter" 

Dam: USA Tapeka 8 "Homily" 


Description and accolades: BVF Tapeka 1+ "Amity" holds her Score of EXCELLENCE through Herd Appraisal with the American Kunekune Pig Registry and is the mother of all BVF Tapkea.  Recognized nation-wide for her beauty and appeal Amity has served our herd faithfully and will remain with us for the entirety of her days.  Amity has produced over seventy-five piglets across nine litters. With her offspring serving working herds across the nation in  IA, OH, FL, MI, PA, NJ, NY, WV, and VA. 

Progeny currently working within the Black Valley Herd include: 

  • BVF Tpakea 20 "Modesty" 

  • BVF Tapkea 21 "Fidelity" 

  • BVF Tapeka 22 "Constance" 

  • BVF Tapeka 31 "Temperance" 

  • BVF TeWhangi 10 "Crispus Atticks" 

  • BVF TeWhangi 11 "Atticus Finch" 

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