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Marketing & Branding 

Join Alana Foor of Black Valley Farm round the table at Black Valley Provender  at 10 East Main Street, Everett Pennsylvania, Sunday, February 25th from 3:00-5:00 for a crash course in developing and securing your place in the agricultural market. Be it pedigreed Kunekune breeding stock or neiche pork production.... let's build your brand!!


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This Workshop: 

With over fifteen years of marketing and branding experience across the agricultural and food industries-- Alana is here to impart her refined strategy for establishing and maintaining a healthy brand. 

Your story is your greatest asset!  So let's sit round the table at our Main Street Cafe and chat through how to put your story to work! Define goals, establish budgets, explore your strengths and weaknesses, expand your marketing strategy, develop your brand, and effectively manage your market. 

From web presence, social media management, basic imagery, sales strategies ....

Develop your voice!! 

Let's take the market by storm!! 

Register Now

Attendance is limited so don't hesitate to secure your place at the table! 

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