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  1. BVF guarantees stock until one year of age from proven congenital defects.  A necropsy from a licensed veterinarian must be provided and BVF should be notified within a week's time.  A replacement animal will be offered.  No refund will be issued.  Transportation is the responsibility of the buyer as well as the cost of an accompanying Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. 

  2. BVF guarantees their breeding stock will produce.   If three years have passed with no production and/or a licensed veterinarian confirms the animal to be sterile,  Black Valley Farm will offer a compatible replacement.  Should the same bloodline be unavailable at the time the buyer will be offered a similar replacement at the discretion of BVF.  If the animal in question is deceased no replacement will be offered. If the buyer has failed to contact BVF by three years of age no replacement will be offered.   Transportation is the responsibility of the buyer as well as the cost of an accompanying Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.  

  3. If purchasing a bred sow, BVF  does NOT GUARANTEE THE SIRE.    Should your sow miscarry BVF will provide complimentary stud service with the price of boarding of $200.00/month.  Transportation and the required CVI is the responsibility of the buyer.  Should your sow die or lose the litter during delivery BVF will not be held responsible.

  4. BVF guarantees the genetics purchased.  Should the animal purchased be DNA confirmed other than the parents assumed, BVF will either a) refund all money in return for the returned animal or b) provide a replacement animal of BVF's choosing. A) or B) will be determined by BVF.   If the buyer has not been in contact within two weeks time of being notified of DNA results they waive the right to either a) or b). 

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